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Bike & Pedestrian

Families walking through park.

At the February 10, 2014 Council meeting, City Council adopted our first Bike and Pedestrian Master PlanThe Plan can be viewed online.  Also, reference hard copies of the Plan exist at the following locations:

City Hall
Kiwanis Community Centre

The Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan will be used as a guide for the development and management of our bikeway and trail connections in the next 20+ years. 

How can we direct you?

Become an Advocate
Contact Us, Provide Feedback
How We Began
Our Commitment to the Study

Bike and Pedestrian Associated Education Links
Review the Study's Request for Proposal
Study Reading Materials
Upcoming Information Centres and Meetings

Study Reading Materials

Bike and Pedestrian Mater Plan

Request for Proposal

Master Plan Request for Proposal (August 2012)

February Stakeholder Workshop

First Draft Network Concepts

June Stakeholder Workshop

Second Draft Network Concepts

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Information Centres and Meetings

We held Public Information Centres (PICs) and other public engagement events at key stages throughout the study.  

Stakeholder Workshop #2

Below are the reading materials from this workshop

Stakeholder Workshop #1

Below are the reading materials from this workshop:

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Become An Advocate for Active Transportation

If you would like to be added to our study contact list, so that you can receive updates about upcoming meetings and PICs, please contact us.

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Bike and Pedestrian Associated Education Links

Canada Walks
Canada Walks is an initiative of Green Communities Canada and brings together a diverse group of projects whose focus is on promoting walking and walkable communities.

Safe Cycling
Ontario's Ministry of Transportation rules of the road, helmet information and safety tips for cyclists of all ages.

Share the Road
The Share the Road Cycling Coalition is a provincial cycling advocacy organization created to unite cycling organizations from across Ontario and work with and on behalf of municipalities to enhance their ability to make their communities more bicycle- friendly. The organization's mandate is province-wide with a specific focus on developing public policy at the provincial level in order to provide the kind of legislative, programmatic and funding instruments such as exist in other Canadian provinces notably Quebec and British Columbia.

Walk Friendly Ontario
WALK Friendly Ontario is a recognition program that encourages municipalities to create and improve spaces and places to walk by awarding Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum designations. Using our comprehensive framework of indicators for walkability, municipalities can benchmark their current status and measure progress over time.


Contact Us & Provide Feedback

To share you experiences now, or to provide additional comments, please note that you can do so the following ways:

  1. Email us.
  2. Complete the web-based questionnaire
  3. Call us at 519-271-0250 ext 286. We will be happy to record your responses to our survey questions, or to accept your general comments
  4. TTY at 519-271-5241.
  5. Fax us: 519-271-1586

Notice of Collection

Personal information collected as part of the Bike and Pedestrian Master Plan Public Consultation process by The Corporation of the City of Stratford under the authority of the Municipal Act may be used as part of the planning document, and in making a decision on this project. Questions about the collection of this information may be made to the City Clerk, City Hall, P.O. Box 818, Stratford, Ontario, N5A 6W1 or by telephoning 271-0250, ext. 235 during business hours. 

Study Contacts

Brad Hernden, Team Lead
Manager of Recreation & Marketing
City of Stratford
P.O. Box 874, 111 Lakeside Drive
Stratford, ON  N5A 6W3
Telephone: 519-271-0250 ext. 286

Dave McLaughlin, MES, MCIP, RPP, Senior Project Manager
MMM Group Limited
100 Commerce Valley Drive
Thornhill, ON  L3T 0A1
Telephone: 905-882-1100 ext. 6520

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How We Began

In August 2012, the City of Stratford retained MMM Group and initiated a study to develop a Bike and Pedestrian Network and Implementation Strategy.  The work completed for the Master Plan will provide recommendations for the City to consider to help encourage all forms of bicycle and pedestrian travel including but not limited to commuter travel to and from transit hubs, employment centres, shopping centres, community gathering areas and learning institutions, and will build upon the existing roadways and network of trails within the City's boundary.

The City is inviting local stakeholders, interest groups and the public to provide their input on network improvements, policies, and outreach strategies to improve conditions for walking and cycling within the City of Stratford.

With the exception of personal information, all comments received in this study will be documented as part of the public record.

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Your City's Commitment

In February 2010, the City of Stratford signed the International Charter for Walking, endorsing the idea of creating healthy, efficient, and sustainable communities where people choose to walk.  Also in 2010, the City's Master Transportation Plan noted a commitment to "research, review and develop opportunities and options for pedestrian and cycling strategies."

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